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First Nations community radio is seen as crucial for the promotion of Indigenous culture and languages and the communication needs of remote communities. Our objectives are local recruitment and retention, create greater opportunity through consistent delivery, by listening and engaging with community, sharing skills in a safe creative environment and to establish Groote Broadcasting as an information hub, entertaining our listeners with quality content.

Meet The Team

Percy Bishop

Radio Program Coordinator,

Umbakumba Station Manager

An experienced broadcaster, playwright, actor and community mentor. Percy spent 16 years with Koori Radio 93.7fm, 20 years working in remote communities in the NT and with an extensive knowledge of Aboriginal history, has dedicated another 7 years on Groote Eylandt.

Michael Andrews

Angurugu Station Manager,

IT Administration

Former producer at Koori Radio 93.7fm for nearly 10 years, host of late-night music show 'Soul Pepper'. Mike has spent many years travelling and working in remote locations. Tasked with setting up the new studio in Angurugu and building an online


Kesley Lalara

Senior Broadcaster

The OG broadcaster in Angurugu and bass player for the infamous Eylandt Band. Captain of the 2018 Groote AFL winning team, actor, community leader.

Host of 'The Kesley Lalara Show', Angurugu Radio 102.9fm.

Trevor Busbridge

Trainee Broadcaster

Talented young broadcaster, DJ 'T_BUZZ' is a shining light in the Groote Broadcasting team. A rascal with commitment and skills, a future media star in the making. Host of 'The Morning Buzz' 102.9fm.

"It's bananas"


Trainee Broadcaster

The dynamic new co-host of The Breakfast Show on Radio Umbakumba 106.3fm. Showing skills in production and music programming, Shaka is on track for great career in media and broadcasting.

Amathea Mamarika

Trainee Broadcaster

A strong woman with a strong community background working with local indigenous organisation Aminjarrinja for 3 years. Now enjoying her role as co-host of The Breakfast Show on Radio Umbakumba 106.3fm.

Jasper Williams

Trainee Broadcaster

Angurugu Radio's mix-master and new Brekky Show presenter. Catch the Old Skool reggae vibes 8.00am - 10.00am Mon-Fri.



Buddha & The Beard

Anthropologist Hugh Bland

and Community Liason Officer Lionel Jaragba presenting a series of specials focussing on Covid-19 and the impact on Groote Eylandt.



Partners, Collaborators & Friends of Groote Broadcasting

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inDigiMOB is about improving digital inclusion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote Northern Territory communities. It does this by forming partnerships with communities and local organisations and making available a suite of resources that communities can take advantage of according to their needs.

Anindilyakwa Music Program [AMP!] now have a brand-new recording studio in the community of Angurugu. AMP! Coordinator Joshua Tarca is busy heading the program, touring with Groote Eylandt bands and recording and mixing albums in the studio. 


Bush Fit Mob is an Anindilyakwa Land Council funded program whose focus is to engage Groote Eylandt youth in meaningful and sporting, cultural and recreational opportunities.


Karningaba! Yarna yarnimamalya ena-langwa Ayangkidarrba akwa Amakalyakba-langwa yarna yirriyangbina-ma Anindilyakwa ayakwa.


indigiTUBE is the online media platform by and for First Nations people, preserving language and culture for future generations.

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